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Emotional Farting

Have you ever been in the middle of a meeting or in front of a group of people and you feel a strong need to fart? The truth is that this happens way more than we’d like to admit. Excuse me mister but farting is just flatus expelled through the anus caused by digestion and excess of air so what does this have to do with emotions? Just like farting, emotions are a natural response. It is completely normal to experience emotions in things that happen to us. Some may be more emotional and tend to overly express them whereas others just completely hide them. So, when can we show emotions, and with whom?

Although it’s not a general rule, we can freely express most of our emotions where we feel comfortable farting. If we are in the classroom or a place in which is inappropriate to fart, it may also be inappropriate to start screaming or having a crying outburst. Here are a few points to consider:

Consider the people you can express your emotions or fart around.

There are some people that we feel comfortable showing our emotions with and others that whom it would be completely inappropriate. Although we should not use people as emotional toilets (that’s what therapists are for), we should check if the people around us are “safe to fart in front of” or not.

Consider your environment

What would you do if you needed to fart in a public place? Some of us would go to the restroom, others find a “hidingplace”, and some look for a place where there is a lot of noise and try to blend in while others hold it until they get to the car. No matter what your farting etiquette is, emotions are kinda the same thing. If you need to have a little emotional outburst, then follow your farting etiquette. Go to the nearest restroom, hiding place, or wait until it’s safe to do so.

Enough is enough

If your loved one is farting all day for weeks at a time, then you would tell him or her to go to the doctor. Just like farting, if you are unable to control your emotions and have lots of outbursts too often, then you should talk to a professional about it. Although both situations would be a little uncomfortable at first, it is worth it.

Our farts are smellier than we think.

Sometimes we get so used to our farts and even get comfortable farting, but this doesn’t mean that it’s not bothersome to the people we are farting in front of. The people we feel comfortable talking to about our issues or emotions also get tired of them. Although your friend or loved one may truly and genuinely care about your situation, it gets hard to deal with them all the time. Make sure that you don’t overwhelm people with your emotions so they can continue being a good support to you.

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